OHMA EXHIBITS: a collection of interactive oral history encounters

You are (not) Invited (2023)

By Ariel Urim Chung

The Kitchen Project is an oral history project recording stories of diasporic Asian mothers, daughters, and non-binary children on their relationship to food and care. Based on this question, “what’s your favorite childhood dish,” the oral histories open up generational stories of caretakers, gender roles, and food as survival or luxury in the Asian diaspora. “You Are (Not) Invited” was an experiment with fluctuating, permeable boundaries of affinity spaces and asks if we can hold that space through listening.

This exhibit was a live event:

Sit down at our table, listen to our food, and let us take you on a journey to our kitchen of food, family, and maternal figures. Asian food is the fastest growing cuisine in the United States. Asian hate crime has risen exponentially in the last few years. People love our food but fail to love us. Do you love 'Asian' food?

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