OHMA EXHIBITS: a collection of interactive oral history encounters

Vender: Street Vending in Sunset Park

By Robert Carrillo

When buying a hotdog or a churro have you ever wondered about the person who sold it to you? Have you always wanted to visit a different side of New York that isn’t skyscrapers or tourists? You’re in luck! What better way to say New York than to walk around the Brooklyn neighborhood of Sunset Park and hear the stories of street vendors? This hour-long walking tour will gave participants the chance to listen to and interact with the local vendors of Sunset Park as well as see, listen and taste an authentic New York experience. If you always wanted to visit a different scenery of “The Crossroads of the World” look no further than Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

The exhibit took the form of a walking-listening tour to highlight the experiences that local food vendors go through on a daily basis when interacting with locals and visitors of the Sunset Park area. As part of the interactive experience, guests had the chance to listen to interviews as well as meet the vendors in person. 

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