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The Sound: Exploring the History of Chinese Audio Fiction (2024)

By Shuai Dang
"Voices echo in the ears, and memories are recalled in the mind." The Sound: Exploring the History of Chinese Audio Fiction will be an experience of "sound creation." You will be brought into the mysterious world of Chinese audiobooks and experience a cultural journey!

Through oral history interviews, valuable archival materials, and multimedia presentations, you can see the colorful history, development, and cultural connotation of Chinese audio fiction. Whether a culture lover or interested in Chinese traditions, this event will provide you with an all-encompassing cultural feast.

I aim to ignite your passion for traditional culture and promote cultural inheritance and exchange through display and interaction. This is an artistic journey and a spiritual one that will leave you with unforgettable memories and profound inspiration.

When you visit my experience, you will have the opportunity to gain insight into the production process and techniques of audio fiction broadcasting through visual materials, including classic broadcasting productions by narrators and oral history interviews. You'll also be able to participate in an interactive experience of simulated voice-overs (acting out classic works in English and Chinese) and recordings to get a first-hand look at this cultural form.

Whether you are a student, an art lover, or a general audience interested in traditional and contemporary Chinese culture, this experience will bring you many rewards. You will learn about audio fiction's unique appeal and impact and the importance of the art of broadcasting in both traditional and modern society. At the same time, you can share your views and opinions with other visitors and give us feedback and suggestions on the experience's content.

This experience aims to provide a comprehensive insight into audiobooks and the performing arts, giving you a deeper understanding of this cultural form's history, development, and impact. I look forward to your visit and exploring this fascinating subject with you! Audience members must be bilingual in English and Chinese.

This live event is a private event

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