OHMA EXHIBITS: a collection of interactive oral history encounters

Departures Homeward (2024)

By Kangni Wang

The project interviewed three generations of women from Chinese families about their migration history and life experiences. In the course of history, voluntary and involuntary migrations may not always leave traces, but they can be connected through oral narratives. Listening to the past is listening to the present - why do we repeatedly depart and return to the river of the past, and what has built the present us?

Visitors will share which stories from the project resonate with them and why, share their knowledge of family migration history or their own migration history, narrate how they are connected or disconnected with their families in it, and discuss how they think about or establish their own identity within the surrounding continuously changing contexts. This is for Chinese female or non-binary persons who are interested in family stories and migration history, and reconstruction of identity. Drink and snacks will be provided at the gathering.

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The live portion of the exhibition is a private event.

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