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Memory Tracks: A Lao Family's Story Through Music (2023)

By Rattana Bounsouaysana

Music energizes the body and awakens the soul. It conveys meaning and emotion through a language of rhythm and song. Memory Tracks showcases a family’s story from Laos to the United States through their memories of music. Utilizing narrator audio clips, interpretive commentary, and accompanying music, I hope to share glimpses of the Lao experience through the relationship of story and place.

On this special edition of Bodega Pop with Gary Sullivan on WFMU, follow a family’s journey from Laos to the United States through their memories of Southeast Asian and English language popular music. Learn, listen and rock out to Luk Thung and Lam Vong while hearing story clips. Interact with the hosts and listening audience on the live playlist page chat. Join the conversation and share your own musical memories. Have a question about the memory or song tracks you’re hearing? Ask us!

Playlist and recording here.

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