OHMA EXHIBITS: a collection of interactive oral history encounters

Procession (2022)

By Bronte Gosper

Bob Dylan in 'To Ramona' wrote "there's no use in trying to deal with the dying, though I cannot explain that in lines." Perhaps it can be explained in film. The video blends footage I took as my Grandfather Laurie and I drove around his home and mapped out his life, in December of 2021 with footage I took 4 months later when I returned to Australia to say goodbye to him after a sudden illness. When he passed away, the places we had journeyed and the topics we had covered seemed to speak back in new ways. This documentary is an exploration of the fact that when we record oral histories, the stories continue to speak back to us. They do not remain stagnant, they live on and they help us to deal with the dead. In Indigenous culture, we believe that those who die return to the land and live (in a sense) around us and through us.

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