OHMA EXHIBITS: a collection of interactive oral history encounters

Eye to 'I': An Oral History Exhibition in Virtual Reality (2023)

By Chunming Zheng

Inspired by the frequently-asked question from her friends - What does the world look like in your eyes? - Chunming set out to recreate her world in an artistic and immersive way. Through the power of Virtual Reality (VR), Chunming invited viewers to glimpse into the unique perspectives of both herself and her narrator Joseph Lovett, an award-winning filmmaker who is also vision impaired. This project explores the intersection of oral history and VR. While VR brings viewers into our eyes, oral history, through the telling and listening, offers the bridge to the heart. It’s a journey from Eye to I

This in-person exhibit at Barnard's Movement Lab was open from  - 

As part of this exhibit, Joseph Lovett's documentary Going Blind was screened with a Q&A and VR viewing following.



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